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Beginners New Start Classes

Photo of Collage of Yoga Poses

If you are just thinking about coming to your very first Iyengar yoga class, welcome.

Everyone who is a yoga student or teacher today was once an absolute beginner. So we know what it feels like!

The classes are suitable for everyone who is just starting yoga and also for students who are returning to classes after some time or if you are new to Iyengar yoga but have tried other forms of yoga.

Our Beginners Classes are small and everyone gets personal attention. It can be surprisingly hard work sometimes, as well as invigorating and relaxing, but you are never pushed beyond your limit.

The classes focus on learning the correct and precise action in the poses, (asanas), to help develop a good understanding and foundation.

Each class will introduce you to some of the key poses and gradually build up your knowledge and ability.

Equipment to Start

Don't worry about having lots of equipment to start.

All the equipment you need for your class is available in the Centre and you will learn what to use for you. Everyone is different.

Don't worry!  Your teacher is very experienced and knows how to help you benefit and enjoy your class.

What to Do Next

Please have a look at our Student Guide for further information and please read our Terms and Conditions before booking.

Then book your Iyengar Yoga Beginners Class on either the Current Timetable or our Upcoming Timetable.

Most importantly, enjoy your classes.