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Class Levels


If you are new to Iyengar yoga this class is for you and will introduce you to the fundamental postures (asanas) which will leave your mind calmer and your body stronger.

It is suitable for everybody and especially complete beginners and those unfamiliar with Iyengar yoga.

You book for the whole Block/Term. These classes follow on from one to the other so single classes are not recommended.


Level 1 classes are suitable for people who have started Iyengar yoga in our Beginners classes or have less than two years’ experience of Iyengar yoga.

They are also for anyone who prefers to consolidate their yoga practice at this level.

In a Level 1 class a greater range of basic postures will be introduced, including shoulder stand. Teaching is arranged so that new students can start attending classes at any point in the term.


Level 2 classes are for students who have attended Level 1 classes for more than two years, or on the advice of your Level 1 teacher.

A wider range of asanas will be introduced, including headstand. Level 2 classes concentrate on working more strongly in the basic asanas to further develop stamina and strength.

The breathing techniques of pranayama are also introduced in a Level 2 class.

The Friday 10:00am class is a gentler class and especially suitable for older people and others who wish to sustain a level of practice using props.


Level 3 classes are suitable for experienced students with 3+ years of Iyengar yoga experience.

You will usually already practise at home and are able to do the inverted poses.

A more demanding and complex range of asanas will be taught alongside the basic asanas and regular pranayama.


Teachers classes are for Iyengar yoga teachers and trainee teachers only.

These may include regular classes, training workshops or Continuing Professional Development (CPD) classes.


Our Restorative classes are only suitable for level 2 students and above, who are experienced with the use of Iyengar equipment and with at least 6 months experience of a Level 2 Class.

This class concentrates on restorative asanas and pranayama.


This class is open to all pregnant women, from 14 weeks gestation and postnatal women 6 weeks post delivery, regardless of previous yoga experience.