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Photo of teacehr demonstrating Triconasana


Class Levels and Descriptions

Our class descriptions will help you choose the right class for you and help you to enjoy and benefit from joining classes at the Edinburgh Iyengar Yoga Centre.


You can download the Class Name Descriptions here.


Once you have chosen the best class level for you, book your classes on our current timetable page here.



If you are completely new to yoga or unfamiliar with Iyengar yoga then this class is for you.

Over the course of 6-8 weeks or more poses (asanas) will be taught to develop your strength, stamina, balance, and flexibility.  This will give you a sound grounding for your future practice.

You book for the whole Block. These classes follow on from one to the other so single classes are not available.



These classes are suitable new students, including those new to Iyengar yoga, and those who have started Iyengar yoga in our Beginners: New Start classes.

A greater range of poses will be taught, and you may wish to stay at this level for 2 years or longer or if you prefer to consolidate your practice at this level.



General classes are for students who have practised Iyengar yoga for 2 years or more or on the advice of their teacher.  

A wider range of asanas will be taught, including helping you to learn and develop confidence in the inverted poses sirsasana (headstand) and sarvangasana (shoulder stand). Teachers will offer variations or alternatives as appropriate for each student.



This class is for new or continuing students who are older or have health problems which affect their yoga practice. It is also suitable for people who are recovering from illness or injury, or anyone who prefers to practise at their own pace.  

Poses will be taught to help you improve posture and balance and gain strength and mobility.



These classes are for experienced students with 3 years or more Iyengar yoga experience and practise at home between classes is recommended. 

More demanding and complex asanas will be introduced, and pranayama (control of the breath) will be taught.  

However, these classes are not about being able to do difficult asanas and variations or alternatives will be offered by the teacher.



Our Restorative classes are suitable for students who have practised for 2 years or more and are familiar with the use of yoga equipment.

Classes will concentrate on restorative asanas and pranayama.