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Class Prices




Single "Drop-In" classes are paid when you arrive in the Centre for the class.  The price for a class is

£10 for most Level 1 and Level 2 classes (Fee Scale A and C)
£11 for Level 3, Level 4, Restorative and Ante/Post Natal classes. (Fee Scale B and D)
The Sunday 10am Level 2 class is also £11.

Single, "Drop-In" classes cannot be booked ahead - only a whole term of classes can be booked.

If you miss one of your booked classes during the term you don’t lose out. You may make up that missed class by attending another class in the Centre within the same term: read our Student Guide for more information. (Note that Level 1 to Level 4 students are not able to use the Introductory course to make up classes).

Bookings are non refundable unless in exceptional circumstances. See our Terms and Conditions for details.

After paying your teacher and looking after the Centre, part of the money you pay is used to fund Outreach classes in Edinburgh and surrounding areas where there would not normally be access to yoga classes.

We supply all necessary mats, blankets, blocks and other equipment for use in classes. There are no other costs.  Class fees include VAT. Our VAT registration number is 192 6292 84.


There are 7 weeks in the Summer Term which runs from Monday 1 July to Friday 16 August 2019.

Please Note : There will be no Friday Restorative class on 16 August and no timetabled Saturday classes on 17 August when the Centre will hold workshops with visiting teacher Margaret Austin.

Prices are
Level 1 and 2 : Standard online price for 7 weeks - £56.00
Level 3 : Standard online price for 7 weeks - £61.60
Level 1 and 2 : Standard online price for 6 weeks - £48.00
Level 3 and Restorative Class : Standard online price for 6 weeks - £48.00


There are 10 weeks in the Spring Term which runs from Monday  22 April to Sunday 30 June 2019.

Prices are
Fee scale A and B for 10 weeks
Fee Scale C for 9 weeks for the Sunday morning class
Please Note : There will be no Sunday morning class on 28 April 2019 when the Centre is being used for Teacher Training.


Single "Drop-In" classes are paid when you arrive in the Centre for the class.  Only a whole term of classes can be booked online.


Our online payment system is straightforward and secure and payments are made using a debit or credit card.

If you wish to pay for someone else, then please let us know through the Contact Us page so that we can match your payment with that person's registration and booking.


If you would prefer, you can enrol at the Centre. It doesn't have to be at the beginning of term because you can make up missed classes. Come 10 minutes before the class and pay by cash or cheque (check on the Class Timetable page which classes have spaces). Or you can email us through Contact us and we will send you registration/booking forms which you can return with a cheque. We are currently unable to take card payments at the Centre.