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Workshops and Additional Classes


Head Up Dog Pose


Deepen Your Practice
New Class! Once a Month - Sundays 12.15-14.00
£15 per Class

Are you

  • Level 1 - and thinking about moving up a level?
  • Level 2 - and ready to learn more in your practice?

Give yourself a yogic start to the year!

Join our Deepen Your Practice Sunday Sessions with Kate and Jane.  These will be approximately once a month between 12.15-14.00.

The first of these sessions will be on Sunday 19th January, then on Sunday 9th February.

These classes are aimed at level 1 students ready for a move to level 2, or level 2 students interested in deepening their understanding of the poses. Kate will teach the first class and Jane the second.

We'll explore important actions in the asanas, which give us a solid grounding in the basic poses and increase our stability, strength and extension, preparing us for the intermediate poses. The longer class time gives us more opportunity to refine techniques and build confidence.

Please Note : There is no further concession or online discount for these classes.