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Booking Open! Block 4-21

29 Mar 2021

Block 4-21

Monday 12 April to Sunday 9 May 2021

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Suddenly Spring will be upon us with the trees unfurling and plants unbelievably changing from brown sticks and bare earth to bright green and colour.

Bring your own sudden burst of energy to your Block 4-21 classes. (You could always try your classes in the garden or park - depending on the vagaries of the weather......)

There are just a couple of changes to the timetable :

  • Kate’s Friday afternoon class will be slightly longer and start at 16:30 instead of 16:45. The class will now be 1 1/4 hr and will cost £36 for 4 weeks.
  • We have a *NEW* early evening Beginners Class on Tuesday between 17:00-18:00 with Karen Watt.
    This is a fabulous class for your non yoga friends and family to join.
  • And Catero will return with a Special Class on Saturday 17 April : 17.30-18.30 to give another of her Develop your Home Practice sessions. (Can you believe this will be No 6....!)

There are no changes to class prices :

For a 4 week block based on class length

  • 1hr – £32
  • 1hr 15 min – £36
  • 1hr 30 min – £40
  • Special class £8

(Please note: you cannot transfer any unused classes to the next block.)

You can still pay for a single class or “make up” a class.  Please email info@yoga-edinburgh.com with your request.

Single classes are 1hr £10, 1hr 15min £11, 1hr 30min £12

Discounts are available If you are experiencing financial hardship.  Please email info@yoga-edinburgh.com with your request.

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Please read our Terms and Conditions before booking your classes

If you are new to the Centre you will find helpful information in our Student Guide.