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Booking Open for Summer 1

25 Jun 2021
Photo of feet of person in shoulder stand showing above dune grass

Summertime, and the living is easy.

Well perhaps not easy but definitely more relaxed as single and double doses of the vaccine are administered to ever increasing percentages of the population.

We had hoped to open our beautiful Iyengar Yoga Centre for the summer programme but at present, applying government guidelines, would limit attendance at class to only six students. So for now, we are opting to continue with Zoom only classes.

We will continue to monitor the guidelines and once we are able to welcome at least 10 students to a class we shall make plans to re-open the centre. We anticipate then you can choose: attendance in person at the Centre; a livestream view of a class at the Centre; Zoom only classes as at present.  

Meantime, we wish everyone a happy summer and see you soon online.

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