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My Favourite Lockdown Pose - Half Moon Pose

08 Jan 2021
Photo of woman in the yoga half moon pose

As we experience tighter restrictions to start the year, some of our teachers have shared their favourite lockdown poses with us.

The first in this occasional series is from our teacher Catero Hawkins.

Liberation from Lockdown

Ardha Chandrasana (Half Moon Pose)

This beautiful asana makes the shape of a half moon, as it is seen in India with the crescent curved towards the earth. The benefits of practising this pose are many, and I have no doubt they are already appreciated by many students of Yoga.

Amongst these benefits we find it strengthens the legs and the lower back, it increases circulation in the abdomen, it develops concentration, and it teaches us balance and poise on all levels, physical, mental and spiritual.

The chest opens the lungs and the heart, and the breath is invited to spread out from our centre. It is a pose that requires we stay in the present moment!

I have always enjoyed practising Ardha Chandrasana. During Lockdown in the Spring of this year 2020, when the country went into national Lockdown, this asana more than ever felt a gift and a blessing.

My brain became quiet, the outer energy drawn inwards; at the same time all my limbs extended, radiating outwards so I felt suspended in space – like the moon.

Moments of freedom from earthly constraints, moments of connection to my centre and to the universe, resulting in increased well-being and balance in this time of Covid.