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My Favourite Lockdown Pose - Warrior II Pose

05 Feb 2021

The second in our "Pose of The Month" series is from our teacher, Jane Walker, who shares one of her favourite lockdown poses.

Liberation from Lockdown

Virabhadrasana II (Warrior II Pose)

Virabhradrasana II (or Warrior II) Pose, is one of my favourite asanas as it relieves stiffness in my thighs and calves from walking, running and cycling. Additionally, my chest is open and broad benefitting my breath.

It is an elegant, geometric shape with parallel, straight, perpendicular lines and right angles.

There are two stages to performing any asana: moving into and then holding. Precision going into an asana allows it to be held correctly so the body benefits. Moving into Virabhradrasana II consider:

The Back Leg remains firm, straight, facing forward anchoring the pose. The outer edge of the foot seals to the floor. The knee is straight and the inner thigh presses towards the outer thigh.

The Front Leg bends to form a right angle with the shin perpendicular to the floor and the thigh parallel. The inner thigh spreads from the front groin to the knee and the outer thigh gathers in from the outer knee to the hip encouraging the hip to move in (forward).

The Trunk remains vertical with the chest broad as in tadasana (mountain pose). Don’t let the trunk lean in the direction of the bent leg.

The Arms are horizontal, parallel to the ground at the level of the shoulders. The elbows are straight, the arms extendng away from the shoulders. Consciously extending more the arm of the straight leg side can help the trunk remain vertical.