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Our New Payment System

18 Feb 2022
Teacher demonstrating Shoulderstand Pose

We are very excited to open booking for Block 2-22 which will be the first block using our new "Top Up" payment system.

We have been working with our web developers for some time and are delighted to announce that our new flexible booking and payment system is now up and running.

The new system is easy and intuitive to use and will allow you to book full blocks, single classes and workshops. Classes can be booked or cancelled up to 1 hour before the class is due to start.

The timetable will now display in a "Calendar" format showing a week at a time. But you can still book for the whole block. Or choose to book only a single class. Use the arrows and calendar icon to find the week when you would like your  single class.

You can find a "Quick Start Guide" on Booking and Paying for Classes Here

This has been a massive piece of work to move the website to this system as well as introduce the payment system.  As a result, the website may be a little odd looking in places or may appear to have slightly random text!

Please bear with us while we check through and resolve these issues.

And Now

Choose and book your Block 2-22 classes on our Timetable Page Here