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Pose of the Month - Utkatasana (Chair Pose)

  • 14/01/22


Photo of Teacher Meg in Classic Utkatasana


It has been a while since we have had a "Pose of the Month" but we are starting 2022 with a pose that is not everyone's favourite........


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Block 1-22 Starts Monday!

  • 22/12/21

Photo of Teacher in Triconasana pose.

Block 1-22
Book your classes now

6 Weeks Monday 10 January to Sunday 20 February

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Festive Classes - Booking Open

  • 15/12/21

Red and Gold Graphic of a brightly lit Christmas tree

Join us over the Festive Season
Book Our Online Classes

28 December to 7 January

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"Visiting" Teacher Uday Bhosale

  • 10/12/21


Photo of Teacher Uday Bhosale


"Visiting" Teacher Uday Bhosale

Online Class
Saturday 15th January 16:30-18:00

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Block 12-21 - Booking Open

  • 17/11/21

Photo of headstand variation pose
Photo by Katie Blair Matthews

Block 12-21
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4 Weeks Monday 22 November to Sunday 19 December

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Livestream Class Update

  • 15/11/21

Black and white graphic of computer, laptop, tablet and mobile phone screens


Livestream Class Update - Refund Offer

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Booking Open! Block 11-21

  • 20/10/21

Photo of Teacher in preparation for Triconasan pose
Block 11-21
With our NEW! BEGINNERS CLASS - Wednesdays 19:30

4 Weeks Monday 25 October to Sunday 21 November


Welcome to Block 11-21 and our NEW! BEGINNERS CLASS.

Find out more and book your Block 11-21 Classes

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New Beginners Class - Starts Block 11-21

  • 15/10/21


Photo of teacher in preparations for Triconasan


Block 11-21 : Wednesdays 19:00-20:00

Find out more.....

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Booking Open! Block 10-21

  • 22/09/21

Block 10-21 - Welcome to Autumn
Plus Student £5 on Fridays Class

4 Weeks Monday 27 September to Sunday 24 October


Photo of woods in Autumn


Welcome to Block 10-21 and approaching autumn.  Fingers crossed for a dry and sunny October. Find out more and book your Block 10-21 Classes

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Booking Open! Block 9-21

  • 26/08/21

Block 9-21 - Welcome Back to the Centre!
Plus Free on Friday Teenage Yoga

4 Weeks Monday 30 August to Sunday 26 September


Photo of front of Edinburgh Iyengar Yoga Centre in sunshine with door open


We are delighted to be able to open the Centre to some classes again and are very excited to be welcoming you back personally.

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