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What our students say

I have a lot of faith in the experience of teachers and quality of teaching.  This I share with others, more than anything.  I love having the Iyengar Yoga Centre here in Edinburgh and feel very privileged to have the opportunity to be taught by such highly qualified teachers.

I am very happy that I found you and I have not missed a term since I started doing yoga in 2008!

You become more aware of your body’s well-being, keeps suppleness as you get older. Also the sense of achievement when trying postures you would never do otherwise, e.g. Inversions.  I very much enjoy the general warmth and friendly atmosphere of the Centre and the hands on willingness to correct.

There’s a greater sense of well-being physically and mentally I always feel when I come out of a class at the yoga centre.

I’d tell people about the quality of the teaching.  Also the flexibility around ‘making up’ missed classes.

I always recommend the Centre - I have been to many other yoga classes …...Nowhere else has compared.

I really value this place, the variety of classes, location, etc.

Keeps you mobile, flexible.  Strengthens muscles. Improves balance, general fitness.  Tones bodyshape.  Brings enormous physical and mental relaxation. Improves self-confidence.  Provides ‘time-out’ from the busy-ness of life.  For a working mum it provides beneficial ‘me-time’. Has taught me how to relax.

It has very high quality provision compared to some of the other yoga centres in Edinburgh.

Superb teaching is the main thing. Good for the body and soul.  Sanity in a mad world!   

Thank you!  If this Centre were to close I would be lost and distraught.  It is a very important and valued part of my life.  Five stars.<

Beautiful room to do yoga in.

Excellent centre - teaching v. good and a range of instructors to choose from.  One of my favourite things about Edinburgh is your yoga centre.

I think you are great and I love the fresh flowers in the office; they make a difference!

It’s hard but it’s worth it.


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