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Ante/Post Natal

Saturday - 10:45 - 12:15
195 Bruntsfield Place / Main room
£11 : Drop-in Only
Clare Stephen
This class is open to all pregnant women, from 14 weeks gestation, and postnatal women 6 weeks post delivery, regardless of previous yoga experience.

This is a drop-in only class (£11 per class) with the price including tea and biscuits at the end of class.

The teacher, Clare Stephen, is a midwife as well as an intermediate level Iyengar yoga teacher.
Professional profile
I first discovered yoga while backpacking in India aged 19 and immediately fell in love with this most profound and beautiful practice. There was a sense of familiarity, like coming home, to my body and senses which felt incredibly liberating and healing. So I signed up for a class at the EIYC and have been coming here to be taught and to teach ever since. The Centre and its community feels like family after all these years and I feel a huge affection and gratitude for it’s presence in my life. I have visited India to be taught by the Iyengars and other Senior Teachers and qualified as an Intermediate teacher in 2005. Since then I have combined my skills as a midwife and yoga teacher, and I teach antenatal yoga classes which I enjoy immensely.