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Introductory (Part Term)

Monday - 17:30 - 18:45
195 Bruntsfield Place / Main room
Introductory - 7 week course : online price £56.00
Susan Smith
PLEASE NOTE: These classes run for 7 weeks from Monday 2 September 2019 to Monday 14 October 2019.

Our Introductory Classes are a 5 to 8 week course for those with no previous experience of yoga.

This course is the ideal introduction to Iyengar yoga and gives you the confidence to join a Level 1 class.

You pay for the whole course since the classes follow on from each other and it is not possible to join part way through the course, drop-in or make up classes.
Professional profile

I started practising at the Edinburgh Iyengar Yoga Centre when I was seventeen. I loved it's precision, the strong detailed instructions, and the setting we were being taught in.

I have been taught by a large variety of  Iyengar Yoga teachers, over the years,in India, France and Canada. I enjoy the excellent teaching offered still, at Edinburgh Iyengar Centre, we are lucky.

I have been an Intermediate Level 3 teacher since the 1990's and have a great joy in the practice of yoga, and in teaching others

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