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Introductory (Part Term)

Saturday - 09:15 - 10:30
195 Bruntsfield Place / Main room
Introductory - 7 week course : online price £56.00
Claudia Cotronei
PLEASE NOTE: These classes run for 7 weeks from Saturday 7 September 2019 to Saturday 19 October 2019.

Our Introductory Classes are a 5 to 8 week course for those with no previous experience of yoga.

This course is the ideal introduction to Iyengar yoga and gives you the confidence to join a Level 1 class.

You pay for the whole course since the classes follow on from each other and it is not possible to join part way through the course, drop-in or make up classes.
Professional profile
I started yoga in 1987, took Introductory Certificate in 1992 and Intermediate 3 Certificate in 2003. I have been teaching yoga in Edinburgh and Rome for the last 23 years. I moved from Rome to Edinburgh in the late 1980s and in many ways the Edinburgh Iyengar Yoga Centre became my adoptive home. There I found the friendly support and the warmth I was missing from Italy. I am very grateful to have met and studied there with so many talented and inspiring teachers. I could hardly function without yoga and my lovely daughter Chiara, as they both give me roots, meaning and purpose of life. 

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