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Online Only

Saturday - 17:30 - 18:30
Zoom / Main room
  • This will be a live class with one of our teachers who will usually be teaching from home.
  • The class will be run through video conferencing software called Zoom. You will receive a link to join the class in your booking confirmation email.
  • For equipment we recommend a minimum of a yoga mat plus 2 blocks, a belt and a chair.
  • If you do not have your own yoga equipment, try alternatives such as books or folded towels for blocks, a dressing gown belt and a sturdy kitchen/dining chair that will not tip or slip.
  • It really is best to have a mat - if not, please use a wooden or lino/vinyl floor.  We do not recommend a carpeted floor.
£5 - Special Online Class
Clare Stephen

Saturday 28 November 17.30-18.30

This class is suitable for Level 1 and above

"Outside, Inside"

 Exploring the Mind, Body, Breath Interface ( Prashant Iyengar)

The sanskrit word "Asana" means  ” seat “ or “ to sit down “ and implies the sense of ease which we experience when our body is aligned, our breath flows freely and  the mind is stilled.

In this special class we will explore how the postures become Asanas when the body, breath and mind coalesce and yoga is realised. 

Through a simple sequence of poses, we will focus on the multidirectional movement in each asana. When aligned with the full breath cycle, we create conditions for deeper embodiment and ease, which brings a more meditative awareness.

You will need a chair, 2 pillows or a bolster, a belt or scarf and your yoga mat for this class.

You do not need to have a special "yoga chair" - a sturdy 'kitchen' or 'dining' chair will be fine.

Professional profile
I first discovered yoga while backpacking in India aged 19 and immediately fell in love with this most profound and beautiful practice. There was a sense of familiarity, like coming home, to my body and senses which felt incredibly liberating and healing. So I signed up for a class at the EIYC and have been coming here to be taught and to teach ever since. The Centre and its community feels like family after all these years and I feel a huge affection and gratitude for it’s presence in my life. I have visited India to be taught by the Iyengars and other Senior Teachers and qualified as an Intermediate teacher in 2005. Since then I have combined my skills as a midwife and yoga teacher, and I teach antenatal yoga classes which I enjoy immensely.

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