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Returning to the EIYC - Our Covid-19 Policy


View of the outside front of the Edinburgh Iyengar Yoga Centre


You can download a pdf version of our policy here

  • Do not come to the centre if you have any symptoms of new cough, fever, loss/change of smell or taste or if you have had contact with anyone with these symptoms.
  • Queue outside the Centre before class, respecting social distancing.
  • Your teacher will call you forward one at a time and mark you on the register.  Please ensure that you have been checked in.
  • Use hand sanitiser on arrival.
  • Please wear a face covering in the reception area, changing room and when moving around the centre.
  • Maximum of 4 people in the reception area at one time.  Maximum of 4 people in the female changing room. One male in the male changing area.
  • Arrive dressed for your class to minimise time in the changing room.
  • You must bring your own equipment, a mat as a minimum, unless you are booked for the Beginners Yoga classes. There will be no access to the equipment cupboards.
  • If you don’t have specific yoga equipment, you can bring a belt (eg dressing gown belt), and blanket(s) to sit on instead of blocks.
  • You may find it convenient to bring your own hand sanitiser to have beside you on your mat.
  • The yoga studio has marked spaces for 12 mats.
  • Men should lay out their equipment in a marked mat space, on the way to the male changing area where they should leave their equipment bag.
  • Women should go via the female changing room and lay out their equipment in a marked mat space, then return to the changing room to leave their equipment bag.
  • Clothing and belongings should be stored inside your equipment bag during class.
  • Wet outer clothing can be hung up.
  • If you use a storage space in the changing room, wipe with spray before and after use.
  • One mat nearest the window will be visible on the live stream of the class. If you do not wish to be seen, please tell your teacher and choose a different space.
  • If the teacher asks you to have a chair for your class, collect and sanitise your own chair and take it to your place. Please sanitise the chair again before replacing in the storage area.
  • If needing to leave class/use the toilet during class use the route with the least contact with others.
  • Face coverings: Scottish Government guidelines do not make this mandatory for leisure centres, you may of course, wear a face covering during class, if you want to.
  • Leaving the class:  
  • Women : The 4 students nearest the changing room should go to collect belongings and equipment bag first, respecting social distancing, before returning to the studio to pack up their equipment. Equipment bags may be left near the front door to collect on the way out.  Please return to the office to collect your shoes, via the female changing room.
  • Men : students should return to the changing area, one at a time, change, then pack up  equipment before returning to the office to put on their shoes. Equipment bags can be left near the front door to collect on the way out.  


Please accommodate each other and leave the Centre as quickly and efficiently as possible. Thank you!