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Posting of the Month - Janusirsasana

22 Apr 2022
Photo of Teacher Kyoko Atsumi in Janusirsasana - head to knee pose

Our April Posting of the Month is from teacher Kyoko Atsumi who gives us an insight in to the Head to Knee Pose - Janusirsasana. 

Janusirsasana combines a forward bend, a twist and a side stretch.

Janusirsasana - Head to Knee Pose

Janusirsasana is one of the most important sitting forward extensions.

It is not symmetric, therefore, it is hard to be in the centre of the pose unless you are very conscious about centring yourself. As soon as you bend one leg, you cannot help but start to think about how to be even and how to centralise yourself.

This pose makes you aware of different parts of your body and makes you think how you can bring all these parts of body together and bring harmony in the pose. This is the networking of the body.

Then the breath joins in.

The breath makes your senses sharper, and then you start feeling the extension and evenness of the body.

Then harmony and freedom come to the pose.

Black and White drawing of person in Janusirsasana - Head to Knee Pose

It is hard work to get that sensation of networking.

This pose looks quiet from the outside but there is a lot going on. You need a high level of concentration.

Janusirsasana can also be used for resting your body and this pose is good to practise during menstruation.

Drawing courtesy of Bobby Clennell

Using blankets to sit on and a bolster to rest your forehead makes this a very restorative pose. After a few minutes, you feel well rested and your energy returns. It is not only your body that benefits but your mind also becomes completely relaxed.

Janusirsasana is a versatile pose where you can work really hard or rest and become completely relaxed.