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Tips for Using our Payment and Booking System

04 Mar 2022


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Puzzled by the Changes? Help is at Hand

To keep you on the right path when booking your classes here are a few tips and reminders on using the system.

  • Booking your class is a 2 stage process
  1. First you need to have enough credit in your Top-up account to pay for your class.
    The booking page will tell you if you need to top-up when you select your class/es

  2. Secondly you then need to book your class/es.
    You need to return to the timetable page and reselect your class and book (sounds complicated but really, it's not)


  • Topping Up your credit does not book your class!!!
    You need to return to the timetable and book your class/es.

  • Your Top-up payment receipt is NOT your class booking confirmation.
    You will receive your usual booking confirmation email from the Centre when your class is booked.
    This will include a zoom link if needed for your class.

  • You must accept our terms and conditions on the "Place Order" page
    Make sure you "tick" the box or you will not be able to book your class/es.

  • You no longer need to contact us to cancel or change a class. You can cancel a class up to an hour before the start of the class. You cannot cancel a class less than an hour before it starts.

    To find the class you would like to cancel go to "My Classes" in your account and click the "down" arrow here beside the class.

Screenshot of

  • Pleaso Note : Your booking reserves a space in a class. Up to an hour before the class you will receive a credit to your Top-up account when you cancel.

    After this time you will not be credited. So please ensure you make any cancellation in good time.

  • If you want to come to a class in the Centre, please do not ‘drop in’ as the class may be full and we can no longer take payment at the Centre.

    You need to book the class before attending and can do so up to an hour before the class starts.You cannot book a class less than an hour before it starts.

Thank you for your patience with the changes. We are aware of a few teething problems and are working with the web developers on these.

If you have any questions please email us at info@yoga-edinburgh.com

Enjoy your classes.