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Posting of the Month - The IY(UK) Yoga Convention

28 Jun 2023

2023 IY(UK) Convention in Harrogate - 27, 28, 29 May


IY(UK) 2023 Yoga Convention Reception in Harrogate


Over 300 Iyengar Yoga practitioners gathered at the Convention Centre in Harrogate this May.

There were many faces from Scotland. Amongst them were Susan, Lesley, Jane, Lorraine, Annie and Kyoko.

Read all about their memories and reflections of the event.


Summary Snippets


A lot of mature trees surround the buildings in Harrogate, all adding to the feeling of wellbeing, as being close to nature does.

The teaching of Jawahar Bangera brought us close to our yoga roots, like the roots of these mature trees going down into the earth.

He carefully and meticulously used various asanas to highlight what to avoid and what to bring about over the next few years of our practice, in order to avoid joining an NHS waiting list!

Jawahar's approach was gentle, accessible, and delivered with chuckles of humour.

Being immersed amongst long standing and new yogi friends is one of the biggest pleasures, and having Jawahar as our Teacher brought a unique experience of Indian teaching to the 300 delegates.

Jawahar has an amazing ability to leave a lasting imprint of yoga within the body and showed us a tiny aspect of the vast beauty of the subject of Yoga.

It started with AUM and the invocation. Jawahar ’s AUM resonated deep into every corner of the hall as if to reach everyone’s soul. That’s what it sounded like.

Read their full memories and reflections here (pdf file)