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Posting of the Month - Yoga Among the Palms

24 Jul 2023

Here is our Posting of the Month for July.

Student Angus Keith recently created this on holiday, doing yoga amongst the palm trees.


Yoga Palms
An old man’s thoughts......

In sunlight's embrace, a man serene,
Beneath the sky's vast, azure sheen.
He breathes in calm, his body aligns,
In yoga's grace, where peace entwines.

Amidst the green, tall palms stand,
Guardians of this enchanted land.
Their shadows dance, a gentle sway,
Whispering secrets to the sun's bright ray.

With each pose held, his spirit takes flight,
In harmony with nature's sweet delight.
The world unfolds in vibrant hues,
As stillness whispers ancient clues.

A monster they say, these palms immense,
Yet to him, they're pillars of defense.
Rooted deep, steadfast and strong,
Together they belong, a tranquil song.

As he stretches, reaching for the sky,
The palms surround him, towering high.
Their branches intertwine, a protective dome,
A sanctuary where his soul may roam.

With every stretch and gentle bend,
His body and mind in unity blend.
And as he finds balance, inward and out,
He discovers peace, beyond any doubt.

In the land of sunlight and monster palms,
A man finds solace, a sacred calm.
Through yoga's art, his spirit takes flight,
Embracing life's essence, pure and bright.