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Intermediate Teachers

Sunday - 14:30 - 16:00
Zoom Class / Main room

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£5 - Special Online Class
Meg Laing

This class is only for teachers of new Level 2 or above.

New Syllabus Level 3

In this fifth Zoom session Meg and Elaine will explore how to develop, in a structured way, a regular and meaningful pranayama practice.

This will help to communicate to our own
students some of the possible ways of approaching it.

Unlike in previous sessions, discussion during or after the class will not be timetabled, because it is not conducive to the desired absorption.

Questions and discussion may be conducted via email in the following days if they arise.


  • Chair

  • Bolster(s)

  • Blankets

  • Blocks, brick

  • Belt

Professional profile

Yoga is a discipline for self-education that brings constant interest, challenge and delight. We are very privileged to have such a vibrant yoga community in Edinburgh and an atmosphere in which we are all constantly learning from one another.

I started Iyengar Yoga in Oxford in 1972 when I was still a student. After I arrived in Edinburgh in 1974 my teachers here encouraged me to go to Pune. My first visit was in 1977 in the exciting early days of the Institute there and (much to my surprise) I came away with an Introductory teaching certificate from Guruji himself. 

I became a Level 2 teacher in 1983 and Level 3 in 1996. Ever since then, I have been involved as a committee member in the assessment and teacher training aspects of the work of the wider IY(UK).  In collaboration with Elaine Pidgeon at EIYC, I helped to train many dedicated students to become teachers. 

I am now beginning to step back from regular teaching, but look forward to standing in for others when needed, and offering occasional workshops. The Centre is very close to my heart and I remain closely involved as well as grateful for everything that it offers.  

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