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Block 2-22 : 6 Weeks

Photo of teacher in Utthita Parsvakonasana

We are very excited that Block 2-22 will be the first block using our new "Top Up" payment system.

We have been working with our web developers for some time and our new flexible booking and payment system is now up and running.

The new system is easy and intuitive to use and will allow you to book full blocks, single classes and workshops. Classes can be booked or cancelled up to 1 hour before the class is due to start.

The timetable now displays in a "Calendar" format showing a week at a time. But you can still book for the whole block. Or choose to book only a single class. Use the arrows and calendar icon to find the week that you would like for your single class.

You can find a "Quick Start Guide" on Booking and Paying for Classes Here

This has been a massive piece of work to move the website to this system as well as introduce the payment system.  As a result, the website may be a little odd looking in places or may appear to have slightly random text!

Please bear with us while we check through and resolve these issues.

Block 2-22 will, again, run for 6 weeks with Online, Centre and Livestream classes.

We have a few changes to the timetable

  • The number of spaces available in the Centre in each Face to Face class will increase from 10 to 15 - giving you more opportunity to enjoy a class in the studio.
  • Lesley`s Saturday Level 3 class returns to the Centre both as a Face to Face and a Livestream class.
  • There will be NO Level 3 class on a Tuesday morning.

Please Note:

  • Beginners Classes are booked for the 6 week block since each class follows on from the previous class.
  • If numbers in any class are low, It may be necessary to cancel the class for the whole block.

If you are coming to Face to Face Classes, please read our COVID POLICY before booking

Class Prices for this block are

Centre Face to Face, Online and Livestream

  • 1hr - 6 Weeks £48;                 Single Class £8
  • 1hr 15 min - 6 Weeks £54;     Single Class £9
  • 1hr 30 min - 6 Weeks £60;     Single Class £10

Discounts are available If you are experiencing financial hardship.  Email info@yoga-edinburgh.com with your request and we shall try to help.

Please read our Terms and Conditions before booking your classes

If you are new to the Centre you will find helpful information in our Student Guide.

And you will find our Privacy Policy here

Enjoy your Classes!


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